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"Instilling Confidence in todays youth for tomorrow's Endeavor's"


KIDSAFE is a youth organization dedicated to providing comprehensive, low-cost youth self defense and safety awareness programs for boys & girls ages 5-15. Kidsafe has been affiliated with local Boys & Girls Clubs for nearly 30 years.

The KIDSAFE program is designed to reinforce the goals and programs within the education system, i.e. improved self-esteem, safety awareness, non-drug use and communication skills. Course content includes warm-up with stretching and balance exercises, basic stances, blocks, punches, kicks and combinations to be used against bullies and adult attackers. Floor mats are not required, as our curriculum does not include specialized techniques such as rolling or diving. The emphasis is placed on fun self defense and safety awareness. Weekly safety flyers focusing on a wide variety of safety topics are passed out to each student at the end of class. This is a continuing program; each successive session provides reinforcement of previously learned techniques as well as new and more advanced instruction.

All members of the community are invited to participate in this unique program. Parents may pay weekly or in full and receive a discount of one free lesson; they are allowed to pre pay up until the fourth lesson and still receive the discount. 
KIDSAFE instructors are chosen for their ability to teach children and not strictly for their karate skills. 

 Testing & Last day of the spring session-June 15th! 


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Kidsafe is a goal oriented program built on:


Respect & Pride

Discipline & Confidence

Safety Prevention & Awareness

Team work & Camaraderie

Fun & Energetic




"The program and Sensei Chris have been awesome at providing our child with confidence and focus in a safe and fun atmosphere. " Thank you :) 

"Kidsafe is about personal growth in ability and confidence. Unlike other martial arts programs it is not just about belts and money, it is about improving the students" Andy G

."My son loved his 10+ years in the Kidsafe program. Not only did he learn karate, he learned important life skills such as discipline, leadership, sportmanship and intergerity. And he had a lot of fun along the way" Thank you, Ray

"The Kidsafe Program + its leaders are amazing! My son joined the team over 3 years ago and has developed self-confidence + discipline. I highly recommend this program!" Chantil 

"Kidsafe is a great program, the kids love it" E.I.

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."Kidsafe is a well run organization with structure, encouragement and achievement. The students advance at their own pace and develop more self-worth as they build skill. The program is very affordable compared to other karate programs, and yet high quality" Mary

"This is a fantastic class! We love it! I cannot wait for my youngest to start as well. Sensei Chris makes the class fun while the kids learn a lot" 

"Sensei Chris is fantastic at working with each child at their level. He is encouraging and makes it fun while pushing them to their potential. My kids love the program and have grown in their confidence"
Dave + Kate


"Sensei & staff become like family while creating one of the most rewarding programs we have ever been involved in, he helps kids become confident , strong respectable people, I have and will always highly recommend this program". Michelle

."Everyone has something that unintentionally changes their life forever, be it good or bad. It shapes who they are and the choices they make. For me, it is the Kidsafe Karate program. I remember putting on my uniform for the first time thinking I was a ninja. It gave me a sense of power and purpose. Nine years of hard work later, I get that same feeling when I tighten my black belt.
It's baffling to think that something could have so great an impact on my life, and mean so much to me. But it does: my classmates and friends, my Sensei and teacher, the younger students that inspire us all.
These people mean the world to me and I love them with all my heart. I would not be here with the confidence, persistence and happiness I have today without them.
Karate has shaped who I am and the choices I make. Through the ups and downs of life, its been my teacher and my best friend. Its taught me focus, control, and gratification of achieving my goals. It showed me that I will never stop learning and that I want to help others for the rest of my life". 

."Kidsafe karate builds confidence and well being. Even children with learning disabilities develop and understand in this structured environment. Many students who have gone off to college are drawn back to help with tournaments and judging the students. Over all great learning environment for kids". Francis

."Our family drives to Shelton almost forty minutes every Saturday morning for our child to participate in the Kidsafe program. This alone demonstrates how great of a program it truly is. It has provided our daughter with immeasurable confidence and focus that she can apply in everyday life. Very professionally run program" Andrew & Danielle I

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